Vulnerability Management is a crucial part of security management and a requirement in standards such as ISO 27001.

Jumpstart with netsense Gravity. Our platform is easy to use and low on maintenance.

Ready in Minutes

Save on implementation time and rollout costs. Setup a scheduled scan on your infrastructure to receive reports or immediate notifications in case of critical issues.

Mission Control

Mission Control is a comprehensive overview for your Securiy Operations Center (SOC). The dashboard presents the most relevent information at a glance, even in complex, distributed environments. The colour codes show you immediately where further action is required.

Dynamic Workflows

Gravity adapts to your needs without imposing workflows on you. Exceptions support the dual control principle. Let the business manager accept risks if a known vulnerability cannot or should not be fixed.

Multiple Scan Engines

Use two leading scan engines (Nessus and OpenVAS) in one single application. Configure your scan policies across all systems within Gravity.

Reporting and API

Practical reports with various export functions.

Via the REST API, you can setup additional tools to report risks into Gravity, obtain data or import your own scan results.

MSSP Edition

Setup and Features include:

  • Branding with custom url
  • Dedicated cloud app infrastructure in isolated environment
  • Auto-approval of hosts
  • Initial Data import with our support
  • Simplified Licensing

Additional Features

  • Prebuilt OpenVAS Docker Image for Internal Scans
  • Multitenency
  • Unlimited users with access control on zone and service level
  • Scheduled Reports
  • On-Premise installations
  • Autosync assets with AWS, PRTG1 or API
  • Link your ticketing system via SMTP

1 PRTG only available for on-premise installations.


  • Swiss Data Privacy
  • ISO27001 Certified and
  • Climate Neutral Hosting
  • Unlimited Users